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TFT UE Foam Eductor

Equipped with 1.5“ Female x 1.5” Male connections, complete with sunction tube and rotating mixing selector with concentration at 0,25% – 0,5% – 1% – 3% – 6%. Made of an anti-corrosion aluminium alloy, it is extremely small and light.


Mixing percentage indicators made on the mixer head, easy to select and easy to read, allow the accurate mixing of various foaming agents with percentages ranging from 0.25% to 6%.

The mixer is equipped with a suction pipe with a stainless  steel terminal.

Designed for use with all types of foams, it is particularly suitable for new class A / B foaming agents with low mixing percentages.

The mixer has two unique features: “Backslash” function button allows easy washing of the foam residue from the mixer, ensuring excellent functionality during the next operation; “Quick Release Locker” function allows the mixer body to be detached from the dosing head for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The optimal operating pressure is 10/11 bar, minimum pressure 8 bar.

Available in the following versions:

UE-060 – flow 227 LPM / cod. 10.0112.045
UE-095 – flow 360 LPM / cod. 10.0112.046
UE-125 – flow 473 LPM / cod. 10.0112.047

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Additional information

Load capacity

227 lt/min., 360 lt/min., 473 lt/min.

Thread connection

1,5" / 2,5" (on request UNI/STORZ)


2,0 kg. (without coupling)


5 years

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