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Portable Foam Generator PROPAK®

Compact and portable Foam Generator for class A and B foams, connectable to a fire engine or to wall hydrant. Pro/pak is an excellent tool used by the Fire Brigade to fight fires of vegetation, solid materials, excellent for cars fires and to neutralize the development of gas.

Technical data

Incorporated foam mixer (for foam classes A and B).
N° 3 nozzles for different uses and generation of low expansion, medium expansion foam and a nozzle for long range; tube of 82 cm.
Service pressure from 3 to 40 bar.
Flow: 45 l/min at 7 Bar, 100 l/min at 40 Bar.
Foam production: from 7 min (3%) to 3,5 h (0,1%).
Capacity 10 liters of foaming agent.
Dosage on two levels: 0.1–1% for class A fires and 1,3-6% for class B fires.
Indication of the foaming agent in use shown on the tank lid.
Flow regulation by handle. Strap included.
Polyethylene tank with instructions for use printed on it in multiple languages.

ACCESSORIES (optional):

  • Flexible hose of lenght 1.83 – 3.66 – 7.62 mt.
  • Perforating nozzle
  • Vehicle holder

Easy functioning:

  1. Fill the tank
  2. Connect the supply tube
  3. Adjust the requested degree of mixing the wheel
  4. Adjust the flow rate by the handle


Almost maintenance-free for the robust construction and the materials used. Rinsing the appliance at the end of each use ensures its flawless functioning.

Code 10.0502.004

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Additional information

Load capacity

100 lt/min.


3 – 40 bar


34,5 x 27,5 x 43 cm.


16 kg. (full)


5 years

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