Fire swatter with fiberglass handleLuca Gaffurini29 September 202313 December 2023

Fire swatter with fiberglass handle

It is a suffocation tool used to hit over the fire line and extinguish the flames by displacing the air. The use of the Fire Swatter is more suitable for tasks in areas of soft and flat soil where grasslands predominate instead of stones.

Its use is recommended together with the water backpack as they act as complementary tools. When water reduces the flame to a size at which it is safe to get closer, it is the Fire Swatter which extinguishes the flame completely.


It has a palm made of vulcanized rubber reinforced with two textile meshes that provide high resistance and durability.

The fiberglass handle makes the tool low-maintenance and provides resistance and rigidity. It also increases the service life of the tool and reduces vibration. The user makes less effort using it.

It has a 1.80 mt. length. It is a hollow, reinforced, straight, tubular handle with resin and extruded with HDPE (high density polyethylene). It has anti-slip zones that improve the grip and reduce the vibration transmitted to the user.

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2,80 kg.


2,20 mt.

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