Witch swatter model “Chicote”Luca Gaffurini29 September 202313 December 2023

Witch swatter model “Chicote”

It is a suffocation tool that acts in a similar way as the fire swatter extinguishing and suffocating the flame and eliminating oxygen by hitting the fire line. It is recommended to use it in terrains with landforms and irregularities, stony soils, or closed vegetation where it is uncomfortable to work with a fire swatter.

This tool, the most preferred one for being ideal for direct attack, can be transported together with the water backpack and, taken together, they are one of the most efficient combinations used to extinguish wildfires.


It is produced with n° 11 strips of vulcanized rubber reinforced with two textile meshes to provide resistance to tearing. These strips, each one 530 mm. of length, copy the shape of the ground allowing to extinguish fire copying the irregular topography.

The fiberglass handle is short so that the tool is easy to handle in closed vegetation or in hard-to-reach areas.

Code 70.0101.058

Additional information


2,20 kg.


1,30 mt.

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