Firefighting helmet VULCAN NEO (type B)Luca Gaffurini4 October 20231 December 2023

Firefighting helmet VULCAN NEO (type B)

Vulcan Neo firefighter helmet – type B helmet – compliant with the following harmonized standards:

EN 443: 2008 Helmets for firefighting in buildings and other structures.
EN 16471: 2014 Helmets for fighting forest fires.
EN 16473: 2014 Helmets for technical rescue.
EN 50365: 2002 Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations,
Category III of personal protective equipment.

Innovation combined with comfort to ensure safety in extreme conditions

  • Excellent protection, ease of use and design
  • Shell provides impact and penetration protection as well as side crush protection
  • Complete protection at low (-40 ° C) and high temperatures
  • Flame retardant (tested at 1000 ° C) and heat resistant
  • Electrical properties acc. to standard EN 50365: 2002
  • Contact with liquid chemicals acc. to standard EN 443: 2008
  • Resistance to molten metals and hot solids
  • High quality face and eye protection: Category 3 face protection; Class 1 optical protection.


  1. Lightweight and durable injection molded shell available in all colors (including photoluminescent and metallics), equipped with reflective tape as standard. Optionally, the helmet it can be customized by adding customizations.
  2. Optical class 1 visor, retractable inside the helmet, supplied with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating, gilded to protect from infrared rays or transparent (optional). Suitable for people who wear corrective glasses; the shape of the visor allows the use of a respiratory mask.
  3. Comfortable and soft helmet interior, lined in fabric to ensure comfort and protection.
  4. Retractable glasses – optical class 1 – to protect the eyes against solid and liquid objects during rescue operations. Colored and transparent versions available.
  5. Detachable soft silicone chin strap and chin strap system (no tools needed).
  6. Unified universal breathing mask attachment, torch anchor point.
  7. Internal height and circumference (47 to 68 cm.) can be adjusted quickly, without the need to remove the helmet for a tailored fit and stability.
  8. Heat radiation and flame- resistant neck protector, made in different fireproof materials: leather or meta-aramid or aluminized.
  9. Front plate: black, metallic (optional) or integrated flashlight.

The helmet Vulcan Neo is available in the following models:

Tn – transparent profiled visor – cod. 80.0202.062
Mn – metallic profiled visor – on request
TnO – transparent profiled visor and transparent goggles – cod. 80.0202.061
TnOt – transparent profiled visor and tinted glasses – cod. 80.0202.060
MnO – metallic profiled visor and transparent glasses – cod. 80.0202.059
MnOt – metallic profiled visor and tinted goggles – on request

Additional information


adjustable from 47 to 68 cm.


Orange, Red, White, Yellow


1,57 kg. (without accessories)


EN 16471: 2014, EN 16473: 2014, EN 443: 2008, EN 50365: 2002

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