Mc Leod fire rake with fiberglass handleLuca Gaffurini29 September 202314 December 2023

Mc Leod fire rake with fiberglass handle

Mc Leod Rake combines two complementary functions: it has a six-teeth side with a rib for resistance on one side, and a sharp hoe on the other side, ideal for reinforcing and extending cutting lines.

It is recommended to be used to remove large amounts of vegetation on the ground, and to rake fuel up to mineral soil. It is widely used in soft soils and commercial plantation areas where the accumulation of vegetal load is significative.


It has an handle that can be disassembled from the steel blade and can be also used with other similar tools. The blade of the Mc Leod is made of alloy steel especially resistant to wear, its hardness is from 44 to 46 HRc. It has a baked paint finish.

It has a 1.20 mt. long ergonomically-designed handle. It is a hollow tubular straight fiberglass handle reinforced with resin and extruded with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with anti-slip parts: it reduces the transmission of vibration to the user and can be used with other tools in our line.

Code 70.0101.028

Additional information


2,30 kg.


1,20 mt.

Blade dimensions

285 mm. x 235 mm.

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