Water flexible backpack INFOREST 20/22 lt.Luca Gaffurini2 October 202319 December 2023

Water flexible backpack INFOREST 20/22 lt.

The FIRE EXTINCTION FLEXIBLE BAG most design an ergonomic concept that allows you to work long hours and walk great distances effortlessly.

Made of a very resistant waterproof inner bag of polyester coated on both sides with PVC and an outer backpack of water-resistant polyester fabric that works as a container structure.

The internal bag can be easily replaced without tools in case of punctures. The easy regulation padded harness, distributes the weight perfectly with the fastening tapes for communication equipment and carabiners that allow hanging the freeing the hands.

The jet range can reach up to 12 m, in addition to having a fog mode that reaches up to 3 m.

has been designed for a properly distribution of the load thanks to its anatomic shoulder pads and the three subjection points: shoulder, chest and waist. It has also buckles for accessories. Its back has an aperture with a zip to insert the PVC water tank.

It also counts with a reflective band for high visibility. It has a charging hole with a filter and handles to keep a horizontal position for an easy filling.

Minimum maintenance lance made of noble elements such as brass which allows throwing water in both directions of operation, choosing from a full jet with a range of 12 meters to a fog with a range of 3 meters.

Cod. 80.0107.026

Additional information


20/22 lt.

Generated Volume

125 cm3


650 x 470 mm.

Empty weight

2,40 kg.


Full jet mt.12, Nebulized jet mt. 3

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