Fire Safety Harness EN358adm@n8 June 20181 December 2023

Fire Safety Harness EN358

Waist belt with loops of support in accordance with EN 358 and fitting with built-in carabiner 85 mm wide polyester belt, and on the parts adjustable with aluminum edges; holes and slots overlapped reinforced with steel hook; finals are oblique; with adjustable buckle latching double aluminum.

Belt’s attachment elements:
Consisting of two D-rings made of light aluminum alloy, one of which is positioned laterally and 1 center rear. Right ring is permanently connected to the hook connector positioning. The rings are secured to the belt by means of suitable reinforcements with special rivets.

Polyamide rope , twisted three times. Both are included in the final stop eyelet, protective cover leather, length 0.80 mt.; it corresponds to EN 354. Carabiner with screw type A in accordance with EN 362 testing approval.

Sizes (mm.) 1 = 810-990 2 = 910-1090 3 = 1010-1190 4 = 1110-1290
Code 80.0107.005 80.0107.006 80.0107.007 80.0107.008

Belt positioning according to UNI EN 358 :2019 & DIN 14927 :2018

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DIN 14927: 2018, UNI EN 358: 2019


1,03 kg. (size 3)

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