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TFT Blitz Fire portable monitor

The BILTZ FIRE monitor has a flow rate of 400 lt. up to 2000 lt/min. with a maximum range of 61 meters. The monitor is designed to reduce the input and output frictions to a minimum, thus eliminating all the pressure drops.

The monitor has a variable height adjustment from +10° to +46°.
The horizontal manual movement has a working angle on the central axis of 20° for a total radius of 40°.

Equipped with a patented slide valve which, in addition to regulating the monitor’s output flow, has a special safety valve inside that interrupts the flow of water as soon as the monitor loses stability from the ground.

Possibility to mount 3 different types of nozzle: automatic, fixed flow, or variable pressure. All of them at a working pressure from 7 to 20 bar, full, fractional, nebulized jet regulation.

Even during use, the monitor can perform the purge operation to expel any impurities inside the dispensing nozzle. Equipped with folding stabilizing legs with hardened steel points that guarantee a stable positioning on the ground. The monitor is equipped with a handle positioned under the dispensing heads to allow easy transport once the two side legs are closed.

The monitor is powered by a 2.5” thread connection. It is supplied complete with a stainless steel bracket for fixing it to the vehicle and with a safety rope.

Made of steel (support leg and bracket) and in a special anodized aluminium alloy, resistant to marine solution and to atmospheric agents (monitor body and head). The monitor can dispense foam even without use of adapters.

Also available in the self-oscillating version.

Additional information

Load capacity

from 400 to 2000 lt/min.


7 – 20 bar


13,60 kg.


5 years

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