SHO-FLOW® TFT flow metersLuca Gaffurini6 June 202312 December 2023

SHO-FLOW® TFT flow meters

SHO-FLOW Bluetooth® is a water flow meter designed for installation between two hoses with 1.5” (38 mm) or 2.5” (65 mm) fittings. Three models are available depending on the desired flow rate.

Any firefighting, training or testing operation that uses nozzles or hoses is an application for the SHO-FLOW flow meter. Useful for monitoring water consumption and reporting any issues as part of Fire Brigade training.

SHO-FLOW has no wires to connect, and it doesn’t need batteries. The flow meter works due to a turbine powered by the passage of water. Starting from a minimum flow rate – 200 l/min – the turbine automatically generates enough energy to establish a Bluetooth connection to any mobile device, which will show the flow rate of water through the hoses in real time.

The user choose the unit of measurement to display the flow rate: GPM, L/MIN, GPS or LPS. The SHO-FLOW Bluetooth App is available for free download in Apple or Android App Store.


Model Flow rate Threads Length
SHO-FLOW 1 200-1150 l/min 1.5” F x 1.5” M 15,5 cm.
SHO-FLOW 2 400-2000 l/min 2.5” F x 2.5” M 18,8 cm.
SHO-FLOW 2 PLUS 2000-5000 l/min 2.5” F x 2.5” M 18,8 cm.


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Additional information

Load capacity

from 200 to 1150 lt/min., from 2000 to 5000 lt/min., from 400 to 2000 lt/min.


1,20 kg., 2,0 kg.


5 years

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