The new Vulcan helmet has been designed for the growing demand and requirement by firefighters.
The new solutions chosen to produce it improve the perfor- mance characteristics while significantly reducing the overall weight (1450 g), which is an important feature for operators during rescue operations. The helmet is made using the latest technology and best materials.

This ensures that it provides excellent protection and an outstanding performance, guaranteeing the highest level of safety even in the most challenging conditions.

The new Vulcan CV103 type helmet is not only light, it also provides excellent ventilation thanks to the reduced length of the external shell which is about 4.5 cm shorter than the classic Vulcan type B helmet and the single full-face visor (the helmet does not include goggles).

The helmet comes complete with a leather (a) or flame resistant fabric (b) neck protector or also in aluminised fabric (c) on request; 2 special loops located on the sides of the helmet allow a full-face mask to be attached to it and hold a headlamp.

With see-through visor cod. 80.0202.036

With gold-tinted panoramic visor cod. 80.0202.045

*Also available in a chrome or photoluminescent version