Multi-purpose hatchet InforestLuca Gaffurini29 September 202313 December 2023

Multi-purpose hatchet Inforest

It is a personal use tool for structure fire or rescue tasks.
It integrates 3 main functions: a straight-bit axe, a pick with a pointed end, and a crowbar to force entrance or to open fire hydrants.

In the upper area, it has a slot to use the tool as a lever in the opening and closing of valves, and to force open padlocks and other obstacles in the fire.

The body is made of steel hardened through heat treatment. It has a grip in the handle that absorbs vibration.

It is a practical and easy-to-handle object ideal for work in confined spaces.

Code 70.0101.063

Additional information


1,40 kg.


370 mm.

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