Filters for wildland half maskLuca Gaffurini28 September 202319 December 2023

Filters for wildland half mask


The series 230 includes particulate, gas, vapour and combined filters. The filter case is made of light, impact resistant, synthetic resin. Directly connectable to the half mask POLIMASK 230. By using the threaded adapter conforming with EN 148/1, they can also be fitted on the POLIMASK® 330 half masks, POLIMASK® 2000 Gamma.

The filter paper with the BIOSTOP trademark has a particularly efficient fungicidal and bactericidal treatment in the case of biological aerosols.

COMPACT filters provide a protection far above the minimum norm requirements, though with reduced volumes. All the other features remain unaltered.

Conform to EN 143 requirements and therefore to the local European countries standards. Available in classes P2 and P3. They are made by an encapsulated pleated paper disc.

The filtering efficiency far exceeds minimum required by standards without affecting breathing resistance, thanks to the extensive filtering surface. The material is impermeable to water, preventing reduction of performance when used in high humidity conditions.

– 230 P2, dust, fumes and mists

– 230 P3 BIOSTOP, dust, fumes and mists (including  (radionuclides)

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UNI EN 143


86 gr.

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