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Wildland firefighting helmet Tytan Max

The new helmet for the wildland firefighting, technical assistance, mountaineering, Canoe-Kayad and for river use “TYTAN MAX” has been designed and produced in accordance with the standards: EN 16473:2014, EN 16471:2014, EN 12492:2012, EN 1385:2012.

Technical features:

The materials used for the production of this helmet, offer the maximum protection against the mechanical damages caused by falling objects, splinters projection, electrical insulation up to 440 V. contact with fire, molten metals and chemical products.
Our ventilation system allows, by air intakes placed on the shell, to ventilate or not to ventilate the inside of the helmet. By acting on a special mechanism, the slits can be opened or closed.

The outer shell is made of the 75% polyamide fireproof material, specially modified and reinforced with glass fibers for 25%. A padded leather band with soft foam protects the forehead against pressure and improves comfort of use.
Internal structure of the helmet with six anchor points, head circumference control system by a special regulator and wheel from 47 to 68 cm. Three-point chin strap with quick release clip in Nomex tape. Possibility on request to insert internal harness with aramidic net.

There are two versions of this helmet:

1) Tytan Max in its basic configuration is supplied complete of:

  • Neck protector in flame retardant fabric.
  • Side reflective tapes
  • Panoramic visor OPTICAL CLASS 1 BT certified EN 166 and EN 14458.
  • Attacks for full face mask
  • Attacks for lateral torch support or for anti-noise headphones.

2) Tytan Max Plus is identical to the previous one, with the addition of N.01 retractable goggles certified EN 166.

The helmet has also the following accessories:

  • Safety inner goggles EN 166, flame retardant and in self-extinguishing rubber Cod. 80.0203.011
  • Hearing protection headphones. Cod. 80.0204.033
  • Net visor for chainsaw. Cod. 80.0204.044
  • Internal support structure with Nomex® net. Cod. 80.0204.057
  • Explosion proof flashlight. ATEX without batteries. Cod. 20.0302.008
  • Universal torch adapter. Cod. 80.0204.013

Colors available:

  • Red, Orange, White, Blue, Yellow, Black.
  • Photoluminescent yellow (with price increase).

Tytan Max with visor and leather neck protector: Cod. 80.0202.039
Tytan Max with anti-smoking goggles and neck protector: Cod. 80.0202.053
Tytan Max only with neck protector: Cod. 80.0202.043
Tytan Max Plus w/visor, neck protector, retractable goggles: Cod. 80.0202.046

PPE of III category – EN 16471: 2014, EN 16473: 2014, EN 12492: 2012, EN 1385: 2012, EN 397: 2012+A1, EN 443: 2008 (only for certain parameters)

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Additional information


from 47 to 68 cm.


Black, Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


680 gr. (without accessories)


EN 12492: 2012, EN 1385: 2012, EN 16471: 2014, EN 16473: 2014

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