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Water Shield curtain nozzle

Water Shield is a curtain nozzle, which generates water at 180°: it creates excellent protection from radiant heat, flames, smoke or gas for operators, their vehicles and their equipment.

Thanks to its size and lightness, can be repositioned during extinguishing operations, depending on changes in the fire front to maintain optimal protection.

Made of aluminum they are easily transportable. To facilitate deployment, the units are equipped with comfortable carrying handles and, once placed on the ground, the reaction force of the water holds the body securely in place.

Water Shield generates a curtain of nebulized water with a radius of approximately 5 mt.

Note: all datas are approximate and may vary significantly based on operating conditions. Wind can have a significant effect on the width and height of the water curtain.

Two models are available :

Thread Nominal Flow Rate Operating Pressure Weight Code
UNI 45 1.100 l/min 8 bar 1,29 kg. 10.0305.006
UNI 70 1.700 l/min 8 bar 1,45 kg. 10.0305.007


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Additional information

Load capacity

1100 lt/min., 1700 lt/min.


8 bar


230 x 260 x 132 mm.

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