Stability monitor laser SENTRYLuca Gaffurini24 May 20236 December 2023

Stability monitor laser SENTRY

  • FUNCTION: Monitors the movements of non-stabilised and stabilized structures at a safe distance (50 metres).
  • CONFIGURATIONS: Sentry Single (1 laser head).
  • RISK DURING INSTALLATION: None as it is done in a chosen safe area, monitoring large structures and work areas, protecting more people.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Telemetric laser beam.
  • MONITORING METHOD: Monitors and detects movements from 2 mm. to 100 mm. Different thresholds: 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70, 100 mm.
  • LIVE MONITORING: Sentry displays distance to target in real time for eventual assessment, allowing you to choose the correct threshold.
  • SOUND ALARM: 1 level of sound alarm at 105 dB ensures thath it is audible or deactivated or silenced.
  • ALARM OPTION: Sentry has an output source to connect a remote speaker.
  • VISUAL ALARM: 3 powerful LEDs for approximately 360° visibility.
  • FILTERS: Short-term interruptions of the beam passing through it (e.g. people, birds, etc.) are filtered out.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Designed for outdoor placement during rescue and relief operations.
  • AUTONOMY: Using the optional external rechargeable battery: 45 hours (1 laser); using standard AAA alkaline batteries: 8 hours.
  • DIMENSIONS: 1 laser head on tripod with integrated control board.
  • WARRANTY: 24 months.

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Additional information

Power supply

mains 110-220V, 12-24V with vehicle AC adapter, AAA alkaline batteries, optional external rechargeable battery

IP protection rating


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